Moog The Rogue Panel Slider and Switch Gaskets / Dust Protector Set


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The Moog Rogue (or technically Moog “The Rogue” according to Moog) is notorious for its foam panel gasket that melts into a sticky black goo all over its main board, pots, sliders and switches. After cleaning up the goo though, you’ll realize that the gasket it once was was there for a reason– to prevent dust from entering the sliders and switches, insulate the panel and give the front panel a more polished and clean appearance.

This listing is for a 2 piece set of brand new, precision-cut synthetic felt slider and switch gaskets (also known as dust shields, dust curtains, or gaskets) for the Rogue. This set covers all the controls on the entire front panel.

These slider gaskets are made to exact specifications on a professional laser cutter out of 1.5mm stiffened and resin-bonded black synthetic felt which does not shed fibers like other forms of felt. Unlike the synthetic foam rubber that was used for the originals, this felt will not break down and melt over time, so your synth’s sliders and switches can stay dust-free and looking sharp indefinitely.  The laser melts the cut edge as it cuts each slit or hole, effectively cauterizing it so that there are no loose fibers to fall into the slider opening.

The gaskets can be glued onto the panel with epoxy (not included), or allowed to just sit on the controls depending on your preference.


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