EML-101/100 1V/Octave Mod


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This mod allows your ElectroComp EML-101 or EML-100 to track conventional 1V/Octave control voltage from another synth, controller keyboard, or sequencer. The EMLs use between 1.2 V/Octave and 1.4 V/Octave (varying from one unit to another) with an offset of between 4.2V and 4.6V. Our mod board scales up and adds the offset to the CV you feed into the Sequencer jack (EML-101 Version 2) or a new jack installed in place of the CM3 jack (EML 100, EML-101 Version 1). Multiplexed switching turns the mod on and off without having to install an external switch.
This means that it can be completely invisible– no hole needs to be drilled, and the synth functions 100% as original when nothing is plugged in to the CV input jack.

When a cable carrying your 1V/octave CV is plugged in, the CV will be scaled up to EML standard and then sent to replace what is known throughout the synth control panel and schematics as “KB2”. When generated by the keyboard, KB2 is the upper voice CV so when an external CV is plugged in, the keyboard’s upper voice is disabled.  Then, anywhere KB2 can be sent via the panel controls, your new CV will go. When nothing is plugged into the jack you are using for the new CV, the synth will function completely normally. In either situation, the lower voice (KB1/Oscillators 1 and 2) is still controlled by the synth’s own keyboard.

The PCB comes with a link to schematics, bill of materials and detailed installation and tuning instructions with lots of full color photos. The kit comes with all of the above plus all required parts and the 5-terminal jack already partially wired (because this is probably the thing people are most likely to mess up!)

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