Rates and Policies

Standard rate: $120/hour for labor, plus parts at cost-plus-10% and 6% PA sales tax

Our per-job-minimum is currently $200. If you have a synth needs that only needs something very minor like a battery replacement, you might consider consulting one of the other shops listed here: https://belltonesynthworks.com/beyond-our-scope

Rush service is available; rates vary depending on the synth and the required time frame.  Please inquire for more information if you’re interested in rush service.

Start of Work

We collect a non-refundable deposit at the time of drop-off that will be applied to your final invoice, and accept payments by cash and credit/debit cards. We now have a tiered system for intake deposits, as follows:

$100 tier: most synths whose total invoices tend to be under $1000 and don’t need a lot of expensive parts (eg most Roland synths excluding the Juno 106, post-Minimoog Moog monosynths, etc)

$200 tier: synths whose total invoices tend to be $1000-2000 and/or always need specific parts whose cost totals more than $100 (eg Moog Minimoog Model D, ARP Odyssey, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.x, Oberheim OB-8 in the first category; Roland Juno 106 needing voice chips, Prophet 600 needing new key contacts, Polysix needing new CPU board in the second category)

$500 tier: synths whose total invoices tend to be $2000+ and/or need a large number of parts or expensive parts at start of work (eg Oberheim OB-X or OB-Xa, ARP 2600, Sequential Circuits Prophet 10, Yamaha CS-60 or CS-80, Moog Memorymoog)

After receiving the synth, we will thoroughly test it and either give you an estimate on your intake ticket at time of drop-off or for more complex jobs, contact you with a rough estimate once we start work, which you will have the opportunity to sign off on before we continue.  If we discover anything along the way that significantly changes our estimate, we will let you know.

For MIDI retrofits or other upgrade kit installations, you can either buy the kit yourself and bring it when you drop off the synth, or we can collect the amount that it costs from you and order it directly to our shop.

After completion of work

After the work on your instrument is completed, we ask that you pay the balance on your invoice for the service within 2 weeks and pick it up or complete the process of arranging return shipment within 4 weeks.  You can pay your invoice securely online if you are not able to pick your synth up right away.

Invoices not paid within 2 weeks may be charged interest at a rate of 5%/week and instruments not picked up within 4 weeks will be charged a storage fee of $20/week.