Available Services

Repair and Restoration Services

At Bell Tone Synth Works, we specialize in vintage synthesizer repair, restoration and service, and also sometimes work on vintage drum machines and sequencers, non-analog vintage synths and other vintage effects units. We work on vintage instruments only and in general, we do not work on any instrument made after 1990. We also no longer work on electronic organs, electric pianos or tape echoes. For more info on what we do not work on and where to get that equipment repaired, see the Repairs Beyond our Scope page.

One of our core values is that we aim to take all of our repair projects as far as possible in the direction of restoration. That means that we strive to go the extra mile to improve the long-term reliability of your instrument in addition to fixing the issues that it may have now. However, we do what we can to work with you to come up with a plan for your instrument’s service that works with your budget.

Our available services for vintage instruments include:

  • troubleshooting and repairs
  • routine service/maintenance
  • calibration and tuning
  • power supply upgrades
  • MIDI retrofit and other upgrade kit installations
  • cosmetic restoration

You can check out the Featured Restorations page for a step-by-step look at some of the types of restoration projects we’ve done!

Custom Mods and Builds

We also offer design services for custom analog interface devices and synth modifications, while also working on our own synth modification, upgrade and design projects.

Here are some of the custom and design projects we’ve been working on lately.

Prophet 5 Memory Liberator RAM upgrade modules

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 memory liberator RAM upgrade

Hertz/Volt to Volt/Octave CV Converters

Hertz/Volt to Volt/Octave CV Converters

ElectroComp EML-101 1V/Octave Input Mod Kit

EML-101 1 Volt/Octave Mod Kit