Juno 106 bulk untested voice chips – pack of 6


These are UNTESTED, USED Roland 80017A “voice chips” that came out of Juno-106 and HS-60 synthesizers that were having their original chips replaced with clones in our workshop. Some of them may have already been malfunctioning at the time that they were removed from the synths, while others did not, and they are all mixed together. That is why they are cheap.

They were all desoldered by professional techs with high-quality desoldering equipment, so will not have desoldering/pin damage.

They’re good for if you’re doing “acetone soak” voice chip repairs and want backups, or want to salvage SMD BA662s or IR3109s.  We are selling them in groups of 6. If you buy this listing, you are buying 6. If you add “2” to your cart, you are buying 12, etc.





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