“Memory Liberator” RAM Upgrade for the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

A Battery Eliminator module for the Prophet 5

Vintage synthesizers with digital patch storage such as the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 use an internal battery to keep the RAM (memory) chips "awake" to be able to keep your patches/programs saved when the synth is powered off, and when this battery dies, the synth loses its ability to save patches. The second possible point of failure for this system is the RAM chips themselves, and we're seeing these fail in increasing numbers, especially the earlier, lower-capacity RAM chips  such as those used in Revs 2.0-3.1 Prophets.

To address both of these points in the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, we developed our "Memory Liberator" battery eliminator modules that allow the task of patch storage to be performed by modern F-RAM chips that do not require a battery. These modules are direct replacements, so the synth will work exactly the same way once they are installed.

These are especially useful for Rev 2.0-3.1 units that relied on 8 individual RAM chips of a type that fails relatively often and is increasingly difficult to find.

We offer two versions of the "Memory Liberator" module for installation in both earlier (Rev 2.0-3.1) and later (Rev 3.3) vintage Prophet 5s. Memory Liberator installation is relatively simple, but does require soldering a couple of wires.

Installation instructions:

Prophet 5 Rev 2.0

Prophet 5 Rev 3.0

Prophet 5 Rev 3.3



Prophet 5 Rev 2.0-3.1 Memory Liberator

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 rev 2 memory liberator battery eliminator

Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 Memory Liberator

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 memory liberator battery eliminator