Repairs beyond our scope

Bell Tone Synth Works focuses above all on vintage analog synthesizers, though we also sometimes work on vintage drum machines and sequencers, non-analog vintage synths and other vintage effects units.

Although there are certainly other types of equipment that we might be theoretically capable of working on besides what we typically take in, we have set carefully considered boundaries on what we work on that we ask our clients and prospective clients to respect. We do not work on any of the following, and must reserve the right to decline any job for other reasons not referenced below.

  • any instruments made after 1990
  • some vintage digital instruments including certain keyboards, effects units, drum machines and samplers. You can always ask to see if we can work on yours.
  • some divide-down architecture analog string synths and electronic pianos
  • Hammond organs
  • non-portable vintage organs (ie, "home organs" with built-in speaker cabinets) and most combo organs
  • cassette and reel-to-reel tape machines
  • tape echo units
  • other types of general audio equipment: mixers, amplifiers, stereo/hi-fi equipment, etc.
  • any dual-manual (double keyboard) instruments EXCEPT the Sequential Circuits Prophet 10
  • Soviet/Russian-made instruments
  • most guitar effects pedals
  • any instruments without schematics available

and finally:

instruments that have been seriously damaged by past modification or repair attempts or have sustained other forms of catastrophic damage.

We are also currently unable to take in Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos due to space constraints at our current location.

Alternate Repair Resources

Here are some alternate shops and resources that you might find helpful with respect to getting these other types of equipment repaired.


  • RGB Pro Audio & Music (North Philadelphia): amplifiers, mixers, DJ equipment, newer keyboards.
  • Triple S Service (Bloomfield, NJ): factory authorized for repairs on most newer equipment.
  • Common Beat Music (West Philadelphia): stereo equipment, amplifiers, mixers, some repairs on newer keyboards.
  • Retrolinear (North Wales): vintage electric pianos.
  • Myriad Magnetic (South Philadelphia): professional reel-to-reel tape recording equipment and tape echo units., 248-891-5247
  • Grafton Piano and Organ (Souderton, PA): Hammonds and other large organs., (215) 723-6900
Thanks for your understanding!