FOR SALE – Sequential Circuits Prophet T8

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 – $7000

This single-owner Prophet T8 is serial number #00009 and comes with the original owner’s manual and dual function pedals (unison/”second release,” essentially a sustain pedal). It also has been customized by the original owner with a wooden sheath to protect the keyboard and panel controls that can be secured by latches that are permanently installed on the sides of the synth’s wooden end cheeks (last two photos).

The Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 is the only polyphonic analog synthesizer that was designed with a full hammer action keyboard, velocity sensitivity AND polyphonic aftertouch. It has 8 voices, 76 keys and the keyboard can be used to play all one patch, be split into two sections with different patches active on each, or layered with two different sounds. The voices sound very similar to the Prophet 5 (rev 3+) or Prophet 10 voices but offer expanded modulation routing options and the incredible expressive power of polyphonic aftertouch. With its wonderful keyboard, this is a great synth for a pianist and one of my favorites as a classically trained pianist myself. It also has MIDI and sends polyphonic aftertouch over MIDI, making it a great master controller for a MIDI studio.

Condition/service details

We believe in transparency when selling “pro serviced” synths so always include documentation of what services every synth we sell has received. Our approach to servicing vintage instruments entails both making sure every synth is working 100% now, and eliminating common failure points to preempt future issues.

This unit received the following services while it was here with us:

  • Power supply update: all polarized (electrolytic and tantalum) capacitors, rectifiers and regulators in the power supply replaced
  • All tantalum capacitors throughout the entire synth replaced
  • Battery replaced and factory sounds loaded
  • All panel controls cleaned
  • Keyboard sensor PCB spacing adjusted; various worn-down balance rail punchings replaced with new ones to level out keyboard.
  • Calibrated to factory standards
  • Testing and 24+ hour burn in period

Cosmetic condition: good to very good, there is the latch modification as noted above and the black top metal sheet has a spattering of many very tiny spots where the black powder coat is gone. The wood grain on this one is unusually beautiful, perhaps because as it is such an early unit.

Contact us at 267-683-5442 or if you are interested in buying or would like to arrange to try it in the shop!