FOR SALE – Roland Juno 6

Roland Juno 6- $2,400

This Juno 6 has just been professionally serviced by us and both the metal front panel and wood end cheeks are in unusually nice shape. The Juno 6 sounds exactly like a Juno 60 but doesn’t have patch memory– not a big deal given how easy and quick it is to make great sounds on these synths!

Condition/service details

We believe in transparency when selling “pro serviced” synths so always include documentation of what services every synth we sell has received. Our approach to servicing vintage instruments entails both making sure every synth is working 100% now, and eliminating common failure points to preempt future issues.

This one received the following services while it was here with us:

  • ¬†power supply update: replaced filter capacitors, power transistors and 7805 regulator
  • cleaned all slide potentiometers, rotary pots and switches, replaced crumbly slider gaskets with our brand new laser-cut ones
  • reflowed solder on all jacks
  • replaced MN3009 bucket brigade ICs in chorus circuitwith new Xvive ones to get rid of that noisy wooshing Junos often have
  • cleaned/polished keyboard bus bars and all key contacts
  • fully calibrated to Roland specifications

Comes with our one year service warranty if sold locally– that means if it develops any issues within a year (not caused by physical damage), you can bring it back to us and we will fix it at no cost.

Cosmetic condition: unusually good! Both the metal panel and wood veneer end cheeks are in very good condition, and keys are all perfect.

Contact us at 267-683-5442 or if you are interested in buying or would like to arrange to try it in the shop!