FOR SALE – Oberheim OB-8

Oberheim OB-8 – $7800

This Oberheim OB-8 (serial number 33508) has Oberheim factory MIDI and sounds and looks great after a full overhaul. This particular unit has the Matsushita (not Pratt Read) keyboard.

The Oberheim OB-8 can certainly deliver the thick and brash Oberheim sound, but with its “Page 2” features also allows a musician to explore some much more complex synthesis programming capabilities than the two earlier OBs. It may just be the best of both worlds between Oberheim’s OB and Matrix families and is also much more reliable (and lighter in weight!) than earlier Oberheim polysynths.

Condition/service details

We believe in transparency when selling “pro serviced” synths so always include documentation of what services every synth we sell has received. Our approach to servicing vintage instruments entails both making sure every synth is working 100% now, and eliminating common failure points to preempt future issues.

This unit received the following services while it was here with us:

  • Power supply update: replaced all smoothing capacitors, bridge rectifiers, regulators and trimmers
  • Replaced all electrolytic capacitors throughout synth
  • Replaced all trimmer potentiometers throughout synth
  • Replaced all analog switching ICs throughout synth due to their known high failure rates
  • Replaced CV sample and hold capacitors due to their known high failure rates
  • Battery replaced and factory sounds loaded
  • All panel controls cleaned
  • Cleaned keybed and all keys, cleaned key contact strips and polished contacts on keyboard PCBs
  • Calibrated to factory standards
  • Testing and 24+ hour burn in period

Cosmetic condition: very good, just a few very small scratches in the powder coat here and there

Contact us at 267-683-5442 or if you are interested in buying or would like to arrange to try it in the shop!